A Week At The Beach

There’s a lot to be enjoyed from a small, slow paced town like San Juan del Sur. The days pass calmly, without much eventfulness; This suits me just fine. Near the house is a “pulperia” (a small convenience store) which has all the necessary junk food to keep one happy throughout the day. In the evening, the ever faithful fritanga opens, offering delicious carne asada and tajadas (plantain chips).

I’ve enjoyed plenty of good food in San Juan del Sur. One of my favorite dishes is the nacatamal, which is the Nicaraguan version of a tamale. I always choose the pork nacatamal, but they also have a chicken version. I also tried arroz con leche, atol, and a large plateful of fresh, ocean squid. Eating miniature squids wasn’t an experience that I planned on having during my time here in Nicaragua, but it was quite interesting nonetheless.

When traveling, crazy and weird experiences are always knocking at the door. For example, this week I unknowingly sat in dog crap while I was at the beach. I was convinced that it was my clothes that smelled really bad, and I didn’t realize the true source of the smell until I was back in my AirBnb, after walking all over town. Very embarrassing. I wondered why people kept walking away from me.

Saturday morning, I woke up early and hiked to a lighthouse overlooking the San Juan del Sur bay. The door to the lighthouse was open and I climbed up the spiral staircase all the way to the top. From the top, I had an incredible view of the coastline and pacific ocean, with the town of San Juan del Sur just a speck in the distance. These are the instances that all travelers search for: small moments of discovery and elation.

My time in San Juan del Sur had come to an end, so after packing up my backpack, I caught a public bus headed to Granada. The bus ended up being fairly full and I was lucky enough to be able to stand up in the aisle for about half of the 3 hour ride (sarcasm). However, this is a typical experience if you travel by bus in Nicaragua. Don’t expect much personal space. But, at the end of it all, I eventually made it to the beautiful city of Granada, where I plan to stay for two weeks.

- Zach

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